Cape Town-based football agency UFM in homecoming scouting tourney

Universal Football Management (UFM) director Kelvin Mafuka

Universal Football Management (UFM), a South Africa-based football management agency will be holding its first ever scouting tournament in Zimbabwe, dubbed the Homecoming Scouting U-17 tournament.

The tournament which will run for two days, starting on Saturday will feature a field of 16 academy teams drawn from across the country.

UFM director Kelvin Mufuka said he was happy to trace back their roots after having held the tournament for the last decade in South Africa.

“We are a football management company based in South Africa, and this year we have decided to come to our motherland in Zimbabwe to do a scouting tournament of players, after almost eleven years of doing the tournament in South Africa.

“We came up with an idea of hosting a tournament to introduce ourselves in the country and to scout players in Zimbabwe and give them the opportunity around the world,” said Mufuka.

The inaugural UFM U-17 tournament is set to become an annual tournament.

At the conclusion of this year’s tournament, a total of 18 players will be selected from the sixteen academies, giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents in South Africa at the end of this month before leaving for the Netherlands next April.

In South Africa, the selected team will play Cape Town Spurs, Ubuntu FC, Nova and National.

The same squad will then travel to Amsterdam in April next year where they will; play against Ajax Amsterdam and other academy partner clubs.

Warriors national performance analyst, Kudzai Chitima will headline the scouting team at the tournament

Players that will impress during the friendly matches will see UFM arranging trials for them.

Founded in 2011, UFM seeks to scout players, identify talent of rising stars and negotiate football trials for players, find placements for players in academies, establish player career plans, player management and marketing of players.

The sixteen teams have been grouped into four groups with, top two teams proceeding to the quarter-finals, with the winners of the tournament receiving a floating trophy and gold medals.


Group A: Kerin, Majesa, Galaxy, Rsfa

Group B: AYSA, Gillingham, Dreamers, Hysa

Group C: UFM, Galaxy K, Epworth P, Friendly

Group D: Dutch, Prince Edward, BN Academy, Deep 15



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