Chisipite revel in Golden Girls Hockey Trophy success

The Chisipite Senior School hockey team celebrate with the Golden Girls Trophy after their victory over Girls College in the final at Arundel School on Sunday PHOTO CREDIT: Kyros Sport

Chisipite Senior School capped off a memorable season after being crowned the winners of the Golden Girls Hockey Tournament following a 2-0 win over Girls College in the final of the three-day event at the Arundel School Turf on Sunday.

There was also another tightly contested encounter in the final of the Silver Girls Hockey Tournament with Watershed edging Goldrige College 1-0 on penalties after the two teams played out a goalless draw in regulation play.

The Golden Girls Hockey Tournament is held annually in honour of the Zimbabwe women’s hockey which won a gold medal at the Moscow 1980 Olympics. The team is affectionately known as the Golden Girls.

The tournament is the culmination of the winter term hockey season with affiliated schools playing each other in regional leagues.

Chisipite Senior School, who are coached by Zimbabwe women’s field hockey team coach Patricia Davies, a member of the 1980 gold medal-winning team, celebrated their team’s success on their official Facebook page on Monday.

“Congratulations to our hockey team for their Golden Girls’ victory this weekend. The finals were played against Girls’ College, and we won with a score of 2-0. In addition, congratulations go to Ruvarashe Musasiwa who was awarded Top Goalkeeper. Thank you to the coaches and staff concerned and all the parents who have supported their girls so enthusiastically!”

This year’s tournament which was played from Friday to Sunday attracted a total of 24 teams with 12 each teams competing for the Golden Girls Trophy and the Silver Girls Trophy respectively.

The 11 teams competing for each trophy are divided into two pools of six, each team in each pool playing the other five.

The winners of each pool play the runners-up of the other pool and the third to sixth teams in each pool play the similar placed team in the other pool.

The third and fourth places for each trophy are decided in a play off, and then the tournament ended with the finals for the two trophies.

The final order of merit was as follows:

  1. Chisipite Senior School
  2. Girls’ College
  3. Hellenic Academy
  4. Arundel School
  5. Gateway High School
  6. Falcon College
  7. Peterhouse
  8. Hillcrest College
  9. The Heritage School
  10. Lomagundi College
  11. Kyle College
  12. Harare Convent

Silver Girls Final Standings:

  1. Watershed College
  2. Goldridge College
  3. Petra
  4. Bulawayo Convent
  5. St John’s College
  6. Westridge
  7. Eaglesvale High
  8. Rydings
  9. Tynwald
  10. Midlands Christian College
  11. St John’s Emerald Hill
  12. Wise Owl



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