Hawgood shines in Western States 100-mile Endurance Run 

Emily Hawgood crosses the finish line at the Western States 100-mile (160km) Endurance Run in California, USA on Saturday

Zimbabwe’s trail running phenom Emily Hawgood finished fifth at the Western States 100-mile (160km) Endurance Run in Auburn, California at the weekend to enhance her status as one of the world’s leading ultrarunners.

The women’s race was won by New Zealander Ruth Croft, who crossed the finish line in an astonishing 17 hours 21 minutes and 30 seconds, the third-fastest time by a lady in the endurance race’s 49-year history.

The Zimbabwean ultra-distance runner, who is also an accomplished triathlete, crossed the finish line in 18 hours 15 minutes and 59 seconds.

The men’s race was won by American Adam Peterman, who finished in 15 hours 13 minutes and 48 seconds.

The Western States Endurance Run is the oldest – and arguably essentially the most prestigious – 100-mile foot race in the world.

The route goes from Olympic Valley to Auburn in California, in the US. Over the course of 100 miles, runners climb about 5485m (18,000 toes) in scorching heat.

Hawgood was making her second successive appearance in the prestigious race after securing a seventh-place finish at the 2021 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.

The Zimbabwean trail runner has had a unique upbringing on a small farm in Beatrice, Zimbabwe where she ran mostly barefoot and competed in a variety of sports until she discovered trail running in college in the United States.

She began her journey, in ultra-events, in 2017.

And, she has proven her pedigree, in the past six years. Three years ago, Hawgood came second, at the Ultra-Trail Cape Town 100 miler, in South Africa.

Last year was a breakthrough year for Hawgood, who not only placed seventh at the Western States 100, third at the Bandera 100K, fourth at the Canyons Endurance Runs, and tenth at UTMB, but also secured a professional running contract with Adidas TERREX.

Women’s Top 10

  1. Ruth Croft (NZ) 17:21:30
  2. Ailsa MacDonald (Canada) 17:46:46
  3. Marianne Hogan (Canada) 18:05:48
  4.  Luzia Buehler (Switzerland) 18:08:32
  5. Emily Hawgood (Zimbabwe) 18:16:02
  6. Leah Yingling (USA) 18:32:31
  7. Taylor Nowlin (USA) 18:46:42
  8. Camille Herron (USA) 18:51:54
  9. Katie Asmuth (USA) 19:30:26
  10. Camille Bruyas (France) 19:34:24



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