SRC announces partnership with Marketers Association of Zimbabwe

Marketers Association of Zimbabwe secretary general Gillian Rusike

Zimbabwe’s sports regulatory body the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) has entered into a strategic partnership with the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) in a new marriage which could help unlock the commercial value in the local sports sector

The two bodies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Harare on Tuesday with the SRC being represented by acting director general Sebastian Garikai and commissioner Colleen de Jong at the event.

MAZ will offer assistance in terms of training programmes as well as provide links between the corporates and sports associations.

Garikai the new partnership would create new commercial opportunities for local sports associations.

“The commission is excited about the trajectory that the sport is taking as we embrace the new normal especially post the 2020/2021 Covid- 19 pandemic. In 2020 our sporting activities came to a halt and gradually, the sporting activities have been resuming through undergoing capacitation programmes that include capacity building of our national sporting associations and delivery agencies into running the organisations as in business,” Garikai said.

“I want to assure the nation that we have got the product, we have got the numbers, and we have got 64 National Sporting Associations, 13 delivery agencies that are registered. So, this is a great partnership that we are getting into,” he said.

MAZ secretary general Gillian Rusike emphasised the importance of marketing in sports and believes the MOU will change the face of sports in the country.

“Marketing is the only key to unlock any potential be it in sports, business, government or any other venture. We are failing to build sports in a manner that excites people though we have potential. If we embrace marketing as we are going to start today, there is going to be a complete turnaround of our sports fraternity in the country,” Rusike said.



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