Chisora refuses to call it a day despite suffering a third straight defeat

Derek Chisora refused to call it a day after falling to defeat, taking to social media to say he will go on

Zimbabwe-born British heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora has swiftly swatted away any thoughts of a potential retirement, insisting he will be back in the summer after suffering a damaging defeat to Joseph Parker on Saturday night.

The pair went head-to-head once again at the Manchester Arena, after Parker claimed a controversial unanimous decision victory in their first bout seven months ago, in result that left Chisora incensed.

Parker scored three knockdowns during a one-sided and entirely conclusive encounter, with the judges scoring the bout 115-110, 115-111 and 114-112, all in the New Zealander’s favour.

Chisora, who turns 38 later this month, fell to his third-straight defeat, having also lost out on points to now unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk in October 2020.

Del Boy insisted the fight was one he simply could not lose in the build-up to the eagerly-anticipated rematch, but in doing so, questions regarding his future in the sport will undoubtedly linger.

The heavyweight has taken matters into his own hands, however, taking to social media to inform fans that he expects to be back in the ring shortly.

Following a tradition started after the pair’s first encounter, then in a behind-closed-doors arena contest, Chisora and Parker once again swiftly put any ill-feeling behind them as they shared a cheeseburger backstage after the bout.

But Parker, speaking after his stunning victory, admitted he thinks it’s time for Chisora to call it a day.

“Personally I’d like to see him walk away,’ he said. ‘He has given boxing everything, but that’s his decision.’”

Parker had spoken of increased trepidation ahead of their first fight, having had just a matter of weeks to prepare with new coach Andy Lee.

The 29-year-old New Zealander – who put on nearly 10lbs between the fights – was evidently significantly more confident and better equipped to deal with his opponent this time, insisting he felt much stronger in the ring.

“Derek always comes for war, he was one tough guy and never stopped coming forward until the end,” he said.

“I felt a lot stronger. It was important to start strong and not be negative from the beginning. You can see there are improvements to be made.

“Derek Chisora is a credit to the sport of boxing. The crowd went mental when he walked out. They just want to support him.”

Though Chisora has ruled out a possible retirement, who he will share the ring with next remains to be seen.

Promoter Eddie Hearn still clearly has faith in the heavyweight, however, insisting he could beat Deontay Wilder in a proposed match-up.

Speaking to reporters after the fight, Hearn was asked about a potential bout between the two, to which he said: ‘All Chisora’s losses have come at elite level, and Wilder is elite level. Listen, Chisora can beat Wilder.

“If he hits him with a big shot – I tell you what, if that fight goes past four rounds, Chisora wins that fight.

“But he’s got to get past four rounds and that’s gonna be really dangerous against someone who punches as hard as Wilder.”



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