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    Meet the Vincents, the two rising-star bothers, Scott and Kieran — and Willy Wonka and the Golden LIV ticket!

    Zimbabwe’s Scott Vincent topped the International Series Order of Merit last season to earn his spot in 2023 LIV Golf League
    SCOTT VINCENT: Yeah, that second day was amazing. The golf side of it was really cool, getting to do that. What was even more special was having my whole family there. We got to share that moment with some really close friends.
    It’s one of those days you want more of, they don’t come along very often, and so getting to experience that and having so many people to share that experience with me was really cool. Obviously, my brother was there with me.
    KIERAN VINCENT: Yeah. Yeah.
    SCOTT VINCENT: So it was a really cool day, lots to be thankful for and grateful for. Obviously, that’s a spot we go to quite frequently on the Asian Tour [Sentosa Golf Club], so getting to see that a few times was really cool, then playing a LIV event there.
    I think the course was in fantastic shape and condition, and they do such a good job of getting it ready, and obviously it holds up to the strength of field that we had.
    Yeah, getting to play that again and to play the way I did was just an amazing experience.

    Q. More on the International Series on the Asian Tour, as well, obviously it gave you the platform to be able to compete on LIV Golf League alongside some of the selection of the best golfers in the world. Can you express your gratitude towards the International Series and Asian Tour to give you that platform for success?

    SCOTT VINCENT: Yeah, I love that you used the word “gratitude” because that’s something that I try and work on every single day.

    I am trying to find the specific moments that I’m really grateful for. Yeah, the Asian Tour is something I’ve been very grateful for, and it’s been a part of my career, even to this day.

    I’ve got a lot to be thankful for through the Asian Tour, and it’s amazing what the Asian Tour is becoming and developing into, and the International Series has definitely elevated the Asian Tour events and the fields and everything.

    There’s so much to be thankful for. Getting to see stronger players, getting to play globally around the world, there’s a lot to be thankful for through the Asian Tour.

    CAM RANH, VIETNAM: Kieran Vincent of Zimbabwe pictured with the winner’s trophy on Sunday April 16, 2023 during Round Four of the International Series Vietnam at the KN Golf Links, Cam Ranh. The US$ 2 million Asian Tour event is staged from April 13-16, 2023. Picture by Paul Lakatos/Asian Tour.

    Q. Kieran, congratulations on your first professional win in Vietnam. Obviously from a selfish perspective it was great to see some amazing golf. That putt at the end was amazing, so congratulations there. Can you touch on that and how did that feel just to get that under your belt?

    KIERAN VINCENT: I think obviously it was just a really special moment, just being able to not only put myself in that situation but just be able to be there looking back a year ago, I almost had no status anywhere, so to put myself not even a year later into my professional career with the opportunity to have that was something I was very grateful for.

    Because there’s a lot of things that have gone on over the last couple of months and years to be able to be where I was. I was just truly grateful to be able to put myself in a situation where I can do that. I was very grateful for the team.

    There’s a lot of people as I mentioned in the speech that I was very thankful for and the amount of people that were able to give me the opportunity to put myself in that position, because without them I don’t think I would have been able to be where I was.

    I was just very grateful for not only that opportunity but for the amount of people that were able to allow me to play my best at the right time, I guess. Just very grateful.

    Q. You’ve talked about how your brother gives you a lot of inspiration in your own professional career. What sort of inspiration does he give you in terms of potentially joining the LIV Golf League one day, as well?

    KIERAN VINCENT: We haven’t really spoken too much about that. I guess that’s a distant hope or I guess and future goal.

    I think he’s just kind of tried to make it, I think what he mentioned earlier was just kind of break it down and be more present and try and make it more of a day-to-day applicable application.

    Rather than trying to focus on something that may or may not be attainable, try and focus on the things that you can control than really try and have this, I guess, low-hanging fruit of trying to be able to obtain something.

    Yeah, obviously it would be a great goal and something that we would love to share together, but I think the fact that we can go about life and live life together, be it through the Asian Tour or be it through the platforms we have right now, we’re just so grateful for those opportunities, as well.

    SCOTT VINCENT: Kieran did really well, especially in that last event. There was so much at stake. There was so much going on at that very last hole. But watching him and watching the highlights, it looked like he was very engaged and present through that, and I think that just speaks to the type of person that he is.

    He was very focused on what was right in front of him, and that’s what we call being present.

    It’s pretty cool that he has a very good memory to go back to and use as visualisation when he’s away from tournaments of making a putt on the last hole or finishing a tournament really well.

    I think he’s got a very good memory or very good visualisation that he can use there in Vietnam and continue to call back on that. Yeah, I think he did a really good job of being present, and like what he was saying, what’s so important is to just take kind of each moment and be fully engaged in that as frequently as we can.

    It’s so easy to get caught up in all the ifs and whats and buts, but as you know, with golf, so much is out of our control. Actually, a lot of it is, so it’s about focusing in on what we can control.

    I believe two things that stand out for me are my heart and my effort, so those are two things that we can definitely focus on more as we go.

    Q. I heard you had a bit of a conversation with Kieran, Scott. Was that the end of the third round, maybe giving him some tips, the putting? Could you talk about that a bit more? You told us that you said you had a bit of a conversation at the end of the third round and gave him a bit of motivation. Can you talk about the conversation you had?

    SCOTT VINCENT: Yeah, I didn’t get to see much of his third round, but I was able to see a few of his shots and putts to finish the day. I know as a golfer, it’s very easy to get caught up in the result of what was happening, and so what I was trying to do was to encourage him and remind him that all we can do is control what was right in front of him, and even that, it’s pretty hard to control what he was doing.

    But he was doing a really good job of committing to his line and starting the putts.

    Something that we talk about is the best putters in the world lip out the most. They’re the closest to actually making the putts. To get confidence in that rather than view it as a negative thing, it was more just about reminding him, hey, you’re hitting really good putts, you don’t need to change anything, just stick to the process and you’re going to be fine. That’s all you can control and see what happens.

    Q. Kieran, your brother obviously won what we like to call the “golden ticket” by finishing the top of the International Series Order of Merit last year. Has he given you any advice this season regarding potentially qualifying for the LIV Golf League, concentrating on your own golf game and doing so well after last season?

    KIERAN VINCENT: Every time you mention the golden ticket, I always think of Willy Wonka. I don’t know why. I don’t know if anyone else does, but that’s what I think of, when Willy Wonka gives out the golden ticket.

    Again, it’s not necessarily too much about focusing on the end goal, rather more the steps to get there. It’s more of a daily quest, a daily decision to wake up and do what you need to get done that day rather than trying to focus on the next six events or six events that we’ve got for the rest of the season.

    Yeah, it hasn’t really. We haven’t really done too much talking about it, but it does come up every once in a while, and obviously the golden ticket is a prize possession, but at the end of the day, we’ve just been able to -— he’s been able to help me grow a lot, not only just this year. To be able to look at that would be great, but I’ve just been thankful for being able to — the opportunity to be able to grow as much as I can so far.

    SCOTT VINCENT: Yeah, the cool thing and what I would say to him about that is we’re constantly trying to develop ourselves as people, not so much our career.

    We get to use golf as a platform for us to develop ourselves, and yeah, getting into those very uncomfortable situations is another way for us to lean into something that you might want to pull back from, we get to lean into these things and develop ourselves as people. I think LIV has created amazing opportunities for that and The International Series, as well, and just golf in general. That’s the really cool thing about golf for us.

    Q. From what you said there, Scott, you both seem to have a very similar sort of mentality and it’s quite unique and quite interesting. Why do you think you both have that mentality of developing as a person? You both want to develop as golfers, but deep down you just want to be better people in a way is what it seems. Why do you think you both have that mentality?

    SCOTT VINCENT: I think for so long or early in my career, it was all about results and outcomes and circumstances, and I didn’t like the person I was becoming because of that. It was very transactional. It was very much up-and-down, roller-coaster of emotions.

    Golf is amazing, and you can do so much good and learn so much through it, but I was finding I just didn’t like the person I was becoming, and there’s so much more to it than just your career. I think so many people have experienced that.

    I’m very fortunate I get to work with someone called Jim, Jim Murphy, and we talk about this a lot. It’s like what is your greatest desire in life and how are we going to get there and what are the tools we can use to get there, and we can use golf to become that type of person we’re looking to become.

    There’s so much more outside of golf. Of course, golf is a big part of our life, and we get to use it, but there’s a lot more to it than just that.

    KIERAN VINCENT: I mean, he pretty much knocked it on the head there, the fact that golf isn’t the be all and end all. I think there’s a bit more to this than just golf, so kind of tapping into that and growing as people is probably a better outcome. I guess, rather than just becoming the best golfers in the world. At least that’s my view of it.

    SCOTT VINCENT: The cool thing about that is I think developing yourself has an effect on your golf, so it’s kind of a win-win. We’ll wait to see on that, I guess.


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