Punters’ pets aplenty

Call The Wind CREDIT: Zimbabwe Equine News

By Sheldene Chant

Several punters’ pets such as Lily Blue, Call The Wind, Finchatton and Coachella, are due to compete at Borrowdale Park on Sunday which should add up to interesting racing.

There are two feature races on the card – the Nadia Farina Silver Slipper (L) over 1800m, and the 2000m Changa Breeders Champions Cup (L) – due off at 14 45 and 15 25 respectively.

The Silver Slipper is the second leg of Zimbabwe’s Triple Tiara and Guineas winner Call The Wind already has the first leg, the 1600m Fillies Classic, in the bag.  There is little reason to suppose this classy filly will not score again although there is a newcomer to Borrowdale in the line-up. This is Midfield Girl, by Alado (GB).  She has been placed twice at Turffontein over 1600m and her last start there was on February 27.

Nor has two-time winner Tigers Eagle met Call The Wind before. Finchatton, fresh from his Ipi Tombe Stakes victory over a mile, carries top weight in the Breeders Champions Cup, and the field includes last year’s winner, Wantage, as well as Bugatti Blue who ran third to Peggson in 2020.

Lily Blue makes her second appearance here after campaigning down south. Her last outing at Borrowdale was in November so she may be short of a race but is distance suited so this will be interesting.

Yarraman, Fareeq and Heir Line will complete this field. Yarraman finished 3.50 lengths off Wantage in 2021 and claiming Apprentice Walter Shumba rides on Sunday.  Fareeq can always surprise but might prefer slightly shorter, while Heir Line is distance suited but will have to dig deeper here.

At the last Borrowdale meeting, Bugatti Blue and Heir Line finished behind Obscure in a 2000m MR 85 Handicap where Bugatti Blue beat Heir Line by a whisker while conceding 4.5 kgs.  Heir Line should be half a kg better off on Sunday.

I won’t strain my brain with more basic arithmetic – just expect a very good race. Coachella fluffed it in heavy going on February 6 in a 1260m Open Handicap won by Fareeq, but the sprinting champ likes 1100m and should do better in Sunday’s Pinnacle Plate 105 – although it is a pity about the draw.  All of Love To Bluff, Mr Greenlight and What A Dandy will make a race of this, and Diesel And Dust races up the straight for the first time ever.

The son of Futura has not raced since early in June so watch for now – I would think.

The first race on Sunday is due off at 12 noon.

BORROWDALE – Sunday 20 March 2022

Event-1 US$ 1,000 2000m (Turf)

0 BUGATTI BLUE Debra Swanson 90
0 FAREEQ (AUS) Vanessa Birketo 93
0 FINCHATTON Gokhan Terzi 99
0 HEIR LINE Debra Swanson 81
0 LILY BLUE Bridget Stidolp 94
0 ONLY HIM Bridget Stidolp 94
0 SEVEN SEAS Gokhan Terzi 85
0 THREE TO TANGO Debra Swanson 81
0 WANTAGE Bridget Stidolp 92
0 YARRAMAN Vanessa Birketo 94
10 Horses Nominated

Event-2 US$ 1,000 1800m (Turf)

0 CALL THE WIND Vanessa Birketo 77
0 IAN’S FERRARI Bridget Stidolp 60
0 MIDFIELD GIRL Bridget Stidolp 64
0 RIDE THE LIGHTS Vanessa Birketo 0
0 SILVER SLIPPERS Debra Swanson 63
0 SWEET OPPORTUNITY Vanessa Birketo 55
0 TIGERS EAGLE Debra Swanson 67
7 Horses Nominated

Event-3 US$ 900 1450m (Turf)

0 BAM BAM PEBBLES Bridget Stidolp 72
0 CITRUSDAL Bridget Stidolp 82
0 ENRAPTURE Gokhan Terzi 68
0 GLADSTONE Vanessa Birketo 77
0 JUBILEE Thomas Mason 81
0 KARVANI Gokhan Terzi 68
0 MAGNUS MAXIMUS Debra Swanson 78
0 MIND MASTER Vanessa Birketo 78
0 SEVEN SEAS Gokhan Terzi 85
0 TULIP WAY Debra Swanson 74
0 WIJDAAN Vanessa Birketo 73
11 Horses Nominated

Event-4 US$ 900 1100m (Turf)

0 AL MASHRIQ Vanessa Birketo 62
0 ANEKSI Gokhan Terzi 58
0 BELLA NOIR Vanessa Birketo 65
0 COOL SOLUTION Debra Swanson 59
0 JARDIN Amy Bronkhorst 61
0 KEEN SPIRIT Debra Swanson 58
0 MACKELROY Vanessa Birketo 71
0 MILL CREEK Debra Swanson 54
0 SHESALEGEND Vanessa Birketo 68
0 VESEO Gokhan Terzi 70
10 Horses Nominated

Event-5 US$ 900 1100m (Turf)

0 COACHELLA Bridget Stidolp 105
0 DIESEL AND DUST Thomas Mason 91
0 FAREEQ (AUS) Vanessa Birketo 93
0 FINCHATTON Gokhan Terzi 99
0 GLADSTONE Vanessa Birketo 77
0 LILY BLUE Bridget Stidolp 94
0 LOVE TO BLUFF Bridget Stidolp 97
0 MR GREENLIGHT Vanessa Birketo 96
0 WHAT A DANDY Debra Swanson 96
9 Horses Nominated

Event-6 US$ 900 1700m (Turf)

0 DIFFERENTIATE Gokhan Terzi 61
0 ENRAPTURE Gokhan Terzi 68
0 IAN’S FERRARI Bridget Stidolp 60
0 KARVANI Gokhan Terzi 68
0 KEEN SPIRIT Debra Swanson 58
0 KURSK (AUS) Vanessa Birketo 62
0 PEACEABLE Bridget Stidolp 67
0 SHESALEGEND Vanessa Birketo 68
9 Horses Nominated

Event-7 US$ 750 1100m (Turf)

0 ALBAR WARNING Bridget Stidolp 40
0 CHA VEZ Vanessa Birketo 0
0 COSMIC RUSH Amy Bronkhorst 38
0 EMPRESS OF JADE Gokhan Terzi 67
0 MUSTATHEEF Vanessa Birketo 0
0 WALKER BAY Vanessa Birketo 0
0 WINDSOR LANE (ZIM) Gokhan Terzi 0
7 Horses Nominated



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