Zimbabwe get their first win of the Junior Women’s World Cup


Zimbabwe vs Canada [Full-Time Score: 1-1 (Shootout Score: 4-3)]

Tanatswa Mutaramuswa’s heroics in the shootout helped Zimbabwe get their first win of the competition as they edged out Canada in a thrilling shootout.

Although Canadian skipper Allison Kuzyk scored the opening goal in the 10th minute, Zimbabwe made a late and strong comeback through Elijah’s penalty stroke conversion in the 52nd minute.

The game went into the shootouts and it was then on both the custodians to showcase their talent.

The game was also tied in the first five shootouts and went on to the sudden deaths in which Zimbabwe emerged victorious.

“I had in my mind that that we had to do it anyway. My team is incredibly happy that we won the first match of the tournament. It was a tough game but we played according to what the coach had planned and we succeeded.


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