SA water polo coach Manthe named Hellenic Academy’s head of aquatics

Luke Manthe

Hellenic Academy continues to enhance their growing status as a rising powerhouse in Zimbabwean schools’ sport following the appointment of top South African water polo coach Luke Manthe as the school’s new head of aquatics.

Manthe is one of South Africa’s leading aquatics coaches having led a number of university and secondary school teams. He has also coached in the UK and New Zealand while he has also recently worked with the Zimbabwe water polo team.

He led Pearson High School to the number-one ranking in school water polo in South Africa in 2017 and 2018.

Manthe has also been head coach for South Africa’s age group teams and was the assistant coach when South Africa men and women played in Russia and Australia in 2018 and early 2019.

The revered coach will be hoping for success at Hellenic Academy, who have already built a reputation as a powerhouse in aquatic sports in Zimbabwe, consistently providing players who have represented the country at regional and international competitions.

Hellenic confirmed the appointment of Manthe in a statement on Thursday.

“We extend a warm welcome to Luke Manthe, who joins Hellenics as head of aquatics. A former South Africa men’s and women’s water polo coach,” Hellenic Academy said in a statement.

“Luke also coached the New Zealand women’s team at the 2022 World Championships.  He coached the South Africa U18 team and was recently a member of the Zimbabwe Water Polo coaching team. Luke is a brilliant person and an exceptional coach, making him a great fit for Hellenic.

With extensive international coaching experience as well as leading the top aquatics programme in South African schools, Luke embodies our continuous pursuit of excellence.”


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